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My name is Elisa and I am a visual artist based in Edinburgh. I studied Fine Arts in my hometown of Turin, and Children Illustrations in London. I’m interested in art for kids, simple and colorful, as well as more complicated subjects dealing with the social and cultural environment. Normally I work with acrylics, soft pastels, and digital.

Elisa is an intuitive artist, holistic therapist, and teacher based in Edinburgh. Originally from Italy, she has lived between London and Edinburgh for the past ten years. Elisa studied Fine Arts in her hometown of Turin and further developed her studies in Intuitive Art, Meditation, and Energy Healing in the UK.

Through her journey and personal experiences, she discovered how powerful and transformative the combination of these practices could be. Founder of the Creativeflow Arts project and Inner Light Healing Studio, Elisa provides a safe space for exploration and free expression through workshops, courses, and individual sessions. Her practice is nature-based and focuses on the awakening of the heart and the creative energy within.

Elisa’s work aims to support and facilitate a deep process of self-discovering, creation, empowerment, and healing. She also collaborates with Charities and Community groups in Edinburgh, providing creative and relaxing sessions for the community. Past and recent collaborations include Wild in Art, Roshni, The Planetary Healing Centre, Santosa Wellness Centre, and The Alma Project.