Wall Murals

I enjoy creating wall murals for different locations, and I believe that they can contribute to generate a very inspiring environment. Below you can find few informations about the process behind any commission.

1-The first stage involve a meeting with the client and a proper examination of the wall to make sure it’s not suffering from any structural problems or moisture damage.

2-The second stage include the development of a series of sketches in digital, to provide a clear and visual sample of the final work and to investigate even futher the client’s needs.

3-The third stage concern the preparation of the wall. All depends of its condition but normally I tend to apply a layer of primer (gesso or similar). That helps the paint to stick to the surface more easily and the wall mural to last longer.

4-To paint the mural I use sponges and brushes and when finished I tend to apply at least one coat of varnish (non-yellowing matte or satin).

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