Artist in Residence at Abbeyhill Primary School

Creative workshops developed together with artist Evelyn Jardine.for the art residency programme at Abbeyhill Primary School. Inspired by The Alma Project, the workshops aimed to highlight the importance of art for the wellbeing of the community. The children had the opportunity to explore the connection between colours and feelings, and to express their emotions through art.

The children had the chance to explore their creativity, and to interact with each other, by creating a series of big paintings all together. Also, they worked individually and developed a simple character and/or a short story to represent a particular emotion. Some of their drawings have been inspired by a series of characters suggested, and very often the children used them to represent their own hopes and personal feelings. Additionally, they have been encouraged to create their own special place in the community and had the chance to build little houses with willow and cardboard.

Curated by Iliyana Netkova, the project was also in partnership with The Alma Project and Awards for All Scotland. The final work, Willow Village, have been showcased during the Colony of Artists Festival 2016.


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